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Finding Opportunity in a High-Cost Wholesale Market

In this vAuto Podcast episode, Patrick Janes, director of business development for vAuto’s Stockwave, highlights how dealers can find advantage in a wholesale market despite the higher cost of auction-purchased inventory. Patrick shares how dealers can mine market data to identify wholesale vehicles that offer a profit-positive retail opportunity, and spot emerging opportunities less data-minded buyers might miss. Patrick also outlines reasons why he believes the retail market will remain robust in early 2021, even as dealers may face ongoing volatility in the wholesale market.

About the Author

With over 30 years of automotive industry expertise, Patrick Janes is the AVP of Inventory Solutions at vAuto. As a former dealership general manager, he emphasizes the significance of a vehicle management system tailored for optimal ROI and dealer strategy support. Patrick's extensive career includes working with dealers nationwide for an OEM and serving as a vAuto performance manager, gaining insights into customer needs. A guest lecturer at Northwood University, Patrick holds a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering from Bradley University.

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