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Guide your car dealership toward increased profitability with vAuto’s multiple decision-making products.

See success across every department, from new car to used car, from acquisition to sale. Inventory management solutions from vAuto are all connected, end-to-end. It’s how you make the right decisions about every car in any market.

Connected Solutions

End-to-end solutions from vAuto are powered by the live market view you can’t get anywhere else. See how each solution connects to another for proven results across your dealership, even in an unpredictable market.

ProfitTime® GPS guides your dealership down the most profitable path. Enhance the journey with these additional inventory management solutions.

ProfitTime GPS helps you make smart used car acquisition and pricing decisions. Then, Intelligent Promotion helps you tell the unique story of every vehicle online in the VDP carousel.

Leverage Instant Cash Offer within ProfitTime GPS to win more inventory while improving your margins. Acquire the right cars at the right price, directly from consumers.

As soon as a vehicle is acquired, it will appear in your iRecon workflow. You can get a head start on the reconditioning process and use ProfitTime GPS metals to prioritize work.

Conquest™ gives you live market insight so you can outperform your new car competition. See how other solutions factor into your new car success.

ProfitTime GPS ensures you acquire the right cars for the right money. Connect your appraising and pricing strategies to optimize your ROI for every car traded in for a new vehicle purchase.

Get new vehicle inventory listed online before it hits your lot. Intelligent Promotion helps you enhance your VDP carousel, strengthen your dealership branding and make your cars shine online.

Stockwave tells you which wholesale vehicles to buy, where to find them and how much to pay. Leverage the additional solutions below to increase your auto acquisition sources.

Used vehicle data from ProfitTime GPS will appear in Stockwave as you search auctions so you buy more of the right wholesale vehicles.

Stockwave data includes a Provision value based on your appraisal that follows the vehicle through to final sale.

Get Stockwave’s 15+ data points on a vehicle with an Instant Cash Offer to help you make more informed acquisition decisions.

vAuto Merchandising lets you provide richer digital shopping experiences to consumers who are making purchasing decisions online. Bring more cars to market online with these other vAuto solutions.

Optimize the ROI of every used vehicle across its lifecycle. Once you’ve acquired the right cars for the right money, you can get them listed online quickly and tell vehicle-specific stories.

Merchandise your new vehicles to the high level today’s car shoppers expect. List incoming inventory and use billboards to let consumers know a vehicle is on its way.

Match your merchandising to your inventory management strategy. vAuto Merchandising does the heavy lifting so you don’t need to manually touch every VDP across your inventory.

Upside is a one-of-a-kind, wholesale solution designed to easily and efficiently give dealers the opportunity for high rewards without the normal risks associated with wholesaling.

Acquire every customer and every car with confidence. Upside begins with a Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer Appraisal and offers a guaranteed minimum price above that value, ensuring you have a profitable exit strategy whether you retail or wholesale the car.

Upside lives inside your vAuto platform so you can see your wholesale profit potential where you are already managing your inventory. Wholesale your Upside vehicles with a click of a button inside of Provision and ProfitTime GPS.

Upside vehicles are sold in the Upside Direct digital marketplace, powered by Manheim. Upside Direct comes to your location to certify the condition of your Upside vehicles, handles the listing and the transport. All vehicles start at 50% of MMR and most vehicles come with a Complimentary DealShield 21-Day Return Guarantee.

iRecon improves your time-to-market by helping you identify – and avoid – costly delays in your reconditioning process. Bring more cars into the recon process with these vAuto solutions.

As soon as you acquire vehicles using ProfitTime GPS, they will appear in iRecon. Your team can get started on a reconditioning plan and prioritize vehicles based on their ProfitTime GPS metals.

The faster a vehicle is moved into reconditioning, the quicker it can be listed online for retail. vAuto Merchandising can help you get vehicles merchandised while they’re still in the recon process.

Simon Fields

Lexus of Louisville

“Our profitability has gone through the roof. I can’t imagine going back to the old way.”

Simon Fields

Lexus of Louisville

Dealer Success Stories

Connections That Count

Keep your dealership software connected. The comprehensive set of Cox Automotive products and services that simplify the process, minimize friction and enable the smart, connected experience all car buyers and dealers expect.

When you wholesale with Upside, you get a guaranteed minimum price on every vehicle so you never risk a loss. Upside takes the responsibility of selling your cars directly from your lot to our vibrant digital marketplace.

Generate a media-rich listing experience with vAuto SnapLot 360 and provide transparency that supports the Autotrader market extension’s objective of meeting shoppers where they are. SnapLot 360 lets you create engaging and transparent media that builds a virtual showroom experience, helping drive sales and go beyond your local DMA.

Respond to ever-changing market forces with proprietary technology fueled by AI. Benefit from a continuous flow of buying signals across the Cox Automotive portfolio, including traffic to thousands of websites and pricing data from vAuto. Shape smarter campaigns by connecting with vAuto data to filter inventory for advertising through paid search, ensuring you spend the right amount marketing the right vehicles.

The connection between VinSolutions and vAuto helps you align your sales and inventory strategies. You get valuable insights about what your buyers are looking for and help sourcing those vehicles in-market. You can make more profitable sales decisions that align with your inventory management strategy by bringing improved inventory context into your desking solution.

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