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Dealer Voices: Sharing Secrets to Success

Could you use these tactics at your dealership to get even better results?


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When Mike had a feeling he had untapped profit potential, he reached out to his Performance Manager. Together, they dug into the data and came up with a strategy that would take them to new heights.

Take a look at how it led to a


increase in
gross per car

Reaching your peak performance doesn’t happen by accident.

Like the dealer whose story you just watched, you didn’t sign up with us for software alone.

You partnered with us to make the most out of the hard work you put in every day.

We see you leaning into performance management, developing a smart strategy and putting data into action.

But it’s not easy to always be pushing. So, here’s some support to help you stay motivated.

3 ways you can get more out of our partnership

You wanted us in your corner for more reasons than inventory management tools. You knew an investment in vAuto comes with so much more value than that. So, let’s make sure your dealership is getting the most of us in these three areas:


Superior Insights

The leading tools and tech give you live market data and insights on every vehicle so you can turn better thinking into better action.


Personalized Coaching

There’s a human behind your software. Look to your Performance Manager to coach you, help you improve and hold you accountable for the best results.


Smart Strategies

Optimizing your process is just as important as optimizing your inventory. Set your strategy to see higher profits across the complete inventory life cycle.

Thinking you could see a greater ROI from us in one of these areas?
Let’s talk about how our team can do more for you.

You’re in good company.

You’re among more than 14,000 dealers who manage their new and used vehicle inventory with vAuto. If you’re up against a challenge, chances are you’re not alone.

Watch more success stories to hear what dealers like you did to overcome and get even better results.

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Want to explore more ways to get the most out of our partnership?

There’s always more you can do with vAuto. But you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

That’s what performance management is for. It’s yet another way we help the best dealers – dealers like you – run better.

Reach out to your Performance Manager to get a conversation going.

Not sure who your Performance Manager is? No problem.

Fill out the form below, and we’ll make sure the right person gets in touch with you.

Together, we can talk through where you can increase your ROI with your existing vAuto product. Or, identify what combination of vAuto products can improve the way your dealership is run. You are the best part of vAuto and trust us with your business. That’s why we’re committed to helping the BEST RUN BETTER.

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