Optimize your ROI on every used vehicle

Go beyond velocity with the variable method of used vehicle inventory management from vAuto ProfitTime® GPS. This used car solution is purpose-built to give you the insights you need to be more profitable in uncertain markets. You’ll get recommendations on how to optimize each vehicle’s unique potential, from appraisal through pricing, in any market.

The Variable Method to Used Car Inventory Management

ProfitTime GPS continuously provides live market insights and personalized recommendations for every car in every market. Make the right used car decisions to guide your dealership along the most profitable path.

Recommendations tailored to each vehicle and situation

Always available for every vehicle, from acquisition to sale

Dynamic data responsive to market and dealership conditions

Solution benefits

Set an acquisition strategy

In addition to pricing your vehicles with a unique variable management approach, you can establish a unified acquisition strategy based on the intersection of the ProfitTime GPS score, stocking grade and inventory needs of any vehicle.

Manage market conditions

Remove the guesswork that comes with changing market conditions. See pricing and stocking recommendations that adjust as vehicles enter your inventory and are sold.

Direct outcomes and manage success

See detailed views, by channel, of how well your appraisers and your process stack up against your strategy. Then, optimize your acquisition efforts based on each channel’s unique opportunities and risks.

Ready to learn more?

Guide and execute appraisals

Apply your strategy to every appraisal and retail pricing. See a recommended price to pay for a vehicle according to the strategy you set for your dealership and know how to price a vehicle if you acquire it.

Global acquisition system

Master today’s multichannel sourcing landscape. Use data-driven insights for every appraisal and purchase decision you make – in every situation.


Stock the cars your customers are looking for and sell them faster with total visibility into live customer demand.


Know exactly what to pay to make a profit with real-time pricing information on identical used cars in your market.


Competitively price every used vehicle on your lot – without sacrificing profits.


Drive more traffic to your website and your showroom with more compelling, accurate and complete listings.

Get ProfitTime GPS Certified

The vAuto Academy and our Winning with ProfitTime GPS tutorials will deliver all the insights you need to succeed using ProfitTime GPS. And after each video, take a quiz to work towards official certification, and get recognized for your expertise on your LinkedIn profile. 

Gary Wexler

Honda of Downtown Chicago

“We were very profitable. Most people would say if it’s not broke don’t fix it. But we said, if it’s great let’s break it and make it better. And ProfitTime did.”

Gary Wexler

Honda of Downtown Chicago

Simon Fields

Lexus of Louisville

“Our profitability has gone through the roof. I can’t imagine going back to the old way.”

Simon Fields

Lexus of Louisville

Dealer success stories


Each car is unique, and ProfitTime GPS helps you make smart acquisition and pricing decisions. Intelligent Promotion helps you tell the unique story of each vehicle directly within the VDP carousel.

Global Acquisition enables you to make informed decisions across every acquisition channel so you know up front what each vehicle’s likely profit will be before you acquire it.

Once a vehicle is acquired, it will immediately appear in your iRecon workflow so you can start recon sooner. Plus, ProfitTime GPS metals can be used to help prioritize which vehicles to recon and when.

Request a demo

Find out how ProfitTime GPS delivers the live market insights you need to optimize the ROI of every used car. Sit down with a product specialist to identify the distinct opportunities and risks of every unit in your inventory.

See more profit on every vehicle

Metal values give you at-a-glance pricing guidance so you can strike the ideal balance between turn and gross on every vehicle.

Make better acquisition decisions

ProfitTime GPS shows the potential money you can make on each car. A trifecta of metrics guides your decision-making to help you maximize gross profits and sales.

Know when to hold or move a vehicle

ProfitTime GPS signals profit potential when you take a car in so you can determine if you should hold onto the car or move it quickly.

Align your pricing with ease

ProfitTime GPS pricing alignment shows you how closely (or not) you’re aligned with ProfitTime GPS pricing guidance across your entire lot.

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