Deliver an immersive online car shopping experience

Consumers want richer digital shopping experiences to make purchasing decisions online. The car business is no exception.

To grab shoppers’ attention online, presentation matters. vAuto Merchandising helps you transform your online vehicle listings to deliver the shopping experience they expect. Learn how to influence their buying decisions and win more sales online with three focus areas: information, transparency and trust

Win the battle for online car sales
You and your competition are selling nearly the same cars. So what makes shoppers choose you over them?
If you want to win the online battle, presentation matters. Transform your VDP carousel with the suite of merchandising solutions that win over shoppers, giving them the information, transparency and trust they need to buy from you.


On dealer websites, 67% of mobile sessions interact with VDP photos – four times the engagement rate vs text areas such as technical specification.1


80% of consumers prefer images with information included as an image overlay. With nearly 60% of consumers wanting information on vehicle-specific features.2


54% of consumers want 360-degree spin. That is the preferred media source, interest in 360-degree spins are higher than photos or videos.

Solution Benefits

NEW! Vehicle Intelligence 360

End the struggle to differentiate your vehicles online.

Vehicle Intelligence 360 makes it easy for you to create a superior VDP experience that allows shoppers to explore every layer of a car’s features and condition. That way, customers are more willing to pay your asking price and you see a greater ROI from your merchandising.

Intelligent Promotion

Merchandise more efficiently with attention-grabbing VDP content and promotions you can scale across your inventory.

Intelligent Promotion makes it easy for you to add your dealership’s branding and create bold, vehicle‑specific stories. With content that makes shoppers take notice, you can drive engagement and turn your VDPs into powerful selling tools.

Simple Backgrounding

Use a standardized stock background on the first image to remove distracting objects from view.


Add your own images placed within the photo set to differentiate your dealership.

Smart Fields

Automatically pull vehicle-specific information to create text overlays without editing each listing.

CARFAX Smart Field

Use your CARFAX subscription to call out vehicles that have one owner or are accident free.


Set limited-time promotions to activate and deactivate automatically.

Inventory Groups

Apply promotions to select groups of inventory to save time.

Image Overlays

Place images to complement other promotional layers.

Text Overlays

Craft important callouts your customers care about.

Advanced Backgrounding

Select from a stock background or upload your own and easily apply it to the exterior angles of the vehicle.


Deliver the transparency shoppers demand by giving them full 360-degree spin views of any vehicle they’re considering.

Using the SnapLot 360, you can easily create and manage an immersive digital experience that makes your listings stand out, boosts shopper engagement and increases your dealership’s visibility.

Ready to learn more?

Additional Merchandising features


Elevate your digital merchandising with bold, vehicle-specific stories that give shoppers the information they need to decide to buy.

Listings / Photos / Syndication

Easily upload and manage vehicle photos. Then, efficiently deploy your updated listings to third-party sites.

Merchandising Tool

At a glance, identify incomplete postings and see how listings are performing across third-party sites.

Window Stickers

Manage rebates and discounts with updated factory rebates. Automatically apply them to your inventory and distribute them to third-party sites.

Bradley Berndt

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Bradley Berndt

Auto Haus on Velp

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“We used ProfitTime GPS by the book for 100 days. The results were amazing.”

Mike Cirona

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Dealer success stories


Create a used vehicle inventory mix worth advertising online. ProfitTime GPS ensures you acquire the right number of cars for the right money. Then, vAuto Merchandising makes sure your inventory gets noticed online so that you can sell them for their highest profit potential.

Once you use Conquest to stock the right new vehicle inventory, vAuto Merchandising gets your incoming inventory noticed online. Use billboards in the VDP carousel to promote your dealership and let consumers know what incentives, financing, and warranty is available so they can decide to buy from your dealership.

Match your merchandising to your used vehicle inventory management strategy. vAuto Merchandising does the heavy lifting, adding dealership branding and promotions to every listing so you don’t need to manually touch every vehicle to have effective merchandising.

Request a demo

See how you can automatically merchandise new and used vehicles as soon as they’re added to your inventory. Sit down with a product specialist to find out how to differentiate your dealership online, get your listings in front of more shoppers and influence their buying decisions.

Capture media and merchandise more efficiently

Create attention-grabbing VDP content and promotions that scale across your inventory without having to touch every vehicle individually.

No more expired promotions

With scheduling promotions to start and stop automatically, you never again lose money on expired promos running beyond their time.

Clean, consistent SRPs

Features like Simple Backgrounding create a consistent, branded look across your SRPs so consumers recognize your listings faster when they see them.

The future is 360

With 60% of consumers wanting to see 360-degree spins over photos and videos, you can give consumers the online car shopping experience they expect.4

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