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Run better than the competition with vAuto, the industry leader in inventory management solutions and live market data. With vAuto’s automotive software, support and vision, you can achieve record success in any market.


vAuto gives you the power to scrutinize every aspect of your inventory management strategy, identifying opportunities where you can gain efficiencies, outthink your competition and maximize gross on every new and used vehicle.

And, because you work in an ever-changing market, vAuto’s real-time insights and Performance Management support empower you to evolve your strategy and grow your market share.

Industry Firsts

Market-based Valuation

Powerful Metrics

Inventory Management Apps

Market-smart Recommendations

Retail Valuation Book

Open-source Auction

Performance Management

Every member of our Performance Management team has proven their understanding of today’s automotive market by managing industry-leading dealerships of their own. They’ve overcome the same obstacles you’re facing today, so they’re uniquely qualified to offer personalized advice and support. Our Performance Management team knows when to guide you through challenges and when to push you to do better, helping you realize the full potential of your dealership.

Live Market View

In today’s evolving marketplace, history and book values alone are no longer the best way to measure a new and used car’s profit potential. Through vAuto’s live market view, you get real-time insights from an extensive list of data partners –including Autotrader and Manheim, the nation’s premier retail and wholesale marketplaces.

Technical Support

Visit the vAuto Help Center where you can find answers to your most common support questions without having to pick up the phone or open a case. Simply search by topic or use keywords in the search bar to find what you need in our ever-expanding library of Knowledge articles. The Help Center is available 24/7 from the Support link at the bottom of every vAuto page.

For further assistance, please contact us via phone at 877-828-8614 or email vat.support@coxautoinc.com.


Access one-on-one training to ensure successful onboarding of our product. Guiding you well beyond initial implementation, we also offer monthly training to help you use your solutions to the fullest and ensure your continued success..

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Founder, vAuto
Executive Vice President, Cox Automotive

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Derek Hansen

VP of Operations, Inventory Management Solutions, Cox Automotive

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AVP — Strategy and Operations, vAuto

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SVP — Product & Engineering, vAuto

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AVP – Inventory Solutions, vAuto

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VP — Engineering & Inventory Software Solutions, Cox Automotive

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Vice President of Sales, vAuto

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