In a market where acquiring inventory can be challenging, Stockwave gives you access to vehicles from 300+ marketplaces. We draw from a broad range of sources to provide the most accurate, up-to-the-minute Live Market View of today’s used car values and pricing, giving you the most complete set of wholesale and retail data to know what to pay all at a glance. You can also source with more confidence than ever from across the country without having to travel thousands of miles to stand in lane at an auction.

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Source more inventory efficiently using Stockwave mobile and online simulcast.

NOW AVAILABLE – Get Ready Logistics quotes right in Stockwave.

We’ve partnered with Ready Logistics to give you the opportunity to transport newly sourced Manheim vehicles right to your lot – all within Stockwave.

Product Details

The right vehicles for your dealership

The right vehicles for your dealership

Stockwave provides stocking level recommendations based on your dealership’s sales velocity and target days supply. Search results are personalized based on your buying preferences.

The right market data for making profitable decisions

The right market insights to drive buying decisions based on your lot’s inventory needs

Stockwave gives you access to valuable, in-depth market data from Provision and shows it to you on a single screen using the Stockwave Glance feature. Now integrated with ProfitTime® GPS, Stockwave can show you how a car will perform even before you buy.

The right way to source vehicles

The right way to fill your lot

Stockwave makes sourcing vehicles faster and easier by offering refined searches with collapsible filters, real-time updates based on projected profit, direct access to auction VDPs and start times, and a streamlined process for finding vehicles.

The right way to access auctions from anywhere

The right way to access vehicles from anywhere

Make smarter, faster decisions at online auctions with direct access to your Stockwave research and valuation data on your desktop. During a simulcast, Stockwave also shows book values, CR scores, Market Days Supply, average odometer and retail comps to help you make an even more informed buying decision. Source more inventory efficiently using Stockwave’s online simulcast tool.

The right way to take your sourcing with you

The right way to source while on the go

Whether you’re at the office or at the auction, Stockwave goes with you. Get everything you need for simpler wholesale sourcing right at your fingertips. To view the Stockwave best practices mobile app video, click here.

The right way to source vehicles

The right prices for your profit goals

Get full visibility into the full investment per car, with profit potential and maximum bid automatically calculated based on your pricing and exit strategies.

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Exclusive Features

No Prior vAuto Purchase Required

Anyone is eligible to use Stockwave whether you’re a Provision customer or not.

No Contract Required

As with all vAuto products, Stockwave will earn your loyalty by delivering exceptional value every day.

Performance Consultant

Work one-on-one with a dedicated partner to execute a wholesale strategy that sets you up for success.

Hear how Stockwave helps you find profitable cars at auction.

Simon Fields
“Our profitability has gone through the roof. I can’t imagine going back to the old way.”

Simon Fields, Lexus of Louisville

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