Frequently Asked Questions

vAuto supports our dealers in all aspects of their new and used vehicle inventory management. Whether you are an existing client, considering additional solutions or considering a switch to join the vAuto family, many of our most asked questions are below.


ProfitTime GPS

Q: Why choose ProfitTime GPS?

A: With the addition of the industry’s first and only Global Acquisition system, the latest version of ProfitTime gives you the data intelligence you need to make variable management decisions across the complete lifecycle of every unit in your inventory. From before you purchase a vehicle to the moment it’s sold, you can optimize profitability at every turn with ProfitTime GPS.

Q: Does ProfitTime GPS require other vAuto products?

A: No, ProfitTime GPS is a core product and can be used on its own.


Q: What if the market changes?

A: If you’re a used car dealer today, you work in a fiercely competitive market. Time is precious, profits are always at risk, and there’s no margin for error. You need a data-driven strategy that gives you a precise understanding of your market — and how to manage your inventory to stay ahead.

Q: What does Provision do for my dealership?

A: Provision is the first step in harnessing data to drive profits. It gives you industry-leading information — virtually 100% of the data you need — to price and appraise more accurately. It begins the shift from simply managing inventory to managing investments, what vAuto calls the Investment Value Method.

Q: Does Provision require other vAuto products?

A: No, Provision is a core product and can be used on its own.


Q: What does Conquest do for my dealership?

A: Conquest™ uses live market data to provide unparalleled competitive insight into your entire new car market. vAuto’s unique new car inventory management and pricing tool goes beyond your OEM system so you can optimize and price inventory to create demand and drive sales.

Q: Why pick Conquest?

A: Conquest can support your dealership in many ways, including:

  • Stock for your market with exclusive competitive insight.
  • Price precisely with discounts, incentives and rebates factored in.
  • Optimize inventory through trades or options.
  • Manage third-party listings seamlessly and accurately.

Q: Does Conquest require other vAuto products?

A: Technically no, Conquest could be used on its own for your new car inventory management however we highly suggest this product be included with ProfitTime GPS for a full inventory management solution.


Q: Why should I be using Stockwave?

A: Sourcing mistakes drain profits and compress margins. Stockwave helps you stop making these costly errors. It searches auctions across the country to find the vehicles you need, then shows you exactly what to pay for them. You quickly and easily avoid the losers and focus only on high-grossing winners.

Q: What makes Stockwave so good?

A: A lot of things:

  • Instant access to vehicles at 300+ auctions across the country, online and in-lane
  • A ranked, customized list of vehicles that will gross, based on your business plan
  • Specific profit potential and a recommended max bid for every vehicle, ensuring you make your gross on every car

Q: Does Stockwave require other vAuto products?

A: No, Stockwave can be purchased on its own.


Q: What merchandising solutions does vAuto offer?

A: vAuto offers 2 dealership merchandising products, SnapLot 360 and Intelligent Promotion. Intelligent Promotion makes it easy for you to add your dealership’s branding and create bold, vehicle‑specific stories. With content that makes shoppers take notice, you can drive engagement and turn your VDPs into powerful selling tools. Deliver on the transparency shoppers demand by giving them the full 360-degree picture of any vehicle they’re considering. Using the SnapLot 360, you can easily create and manage an immersive digital experience that makes your listings stand out, boosts shopper engagement and increases your dealership’s visibility.

Q: Does SnapLot 360 require other vAuto products?

A: SnapLot 360 is dependent on either vAuto core products ProfitTime GPS or Provision as well as vAuto Syndication


Q: What reconditioning solutions does vAuto offer?

A: iRecon streamlines your reconditioning process. Each additional day that one of your used vehicles sits in service or waits on a vendor, you lose out on profit. And multiple cars stalled in the process means multiple hits to your bottom line. By eliminating inefficiencies, iRecon helps you communicate with partners, reduce holding costs and get vehicles in front of customers sooner. Because the sooner they see them, the sooner you can sell them.

Q: Does iRecon require other vAuto products?

A: iRecon is dependent on other vAuto core products ProfitTime GPS or Provision

Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer + Upside

Q: Why should I be using Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer and Upside?

A: With Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer and Upside, you have a profitable exit if you retail or wholesale the car.

Build customer trust with a transparent offer

Your exit strategy starts with appraisals you can trust from vAuto and Kelley Blue Book.

Be confident you have a profitable exit strategy

You know your numbers whether you take the vehicle into inventory from the Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer or decide to wholesale it with Upside.

You take the Upside, we’ll take the risk

When you wholesale with Upside, you get a guaranteed minimum price on every vehicle so you never risk a loss. Upside takes the responsibility of selling your cars directly from your lot to our vibrant digital marketplace.

Support and Training


Q: How do I contact technical support?

A: Click the button to fill out the form and directly contact technical support.

You can also call or email at 877.828.8614 or 855.COX.AUTO,

Q: How do I reset my password?

A: Reset your password by visiting the site below.


Q: How often are there training sessions?

A: We offer onboarding training and ongoing monthly training for customers.

Q: Does vAuto offer a Help Center online?

A: Yes, we offer a self-service Help Center site to document common questions our customers often ask along with real-time Health status of our apps.

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