vAuto offers solutions designed to help dealers navigate every unique situation and make the right decision — on every car, in every moment.

Used car solutions

ProfitTime® GPS is the only industry solution that brings data-driven insights about each vehicle’s value to every retail pricing and sourcing decision you make. It utilizes the full power of the Variable Method, assigning value and pricing recommendations on Day One to every car that comes onto your lot.

New car solutions

Conquest gives you a live market view of new car inventory in real time, providing you with powerful insights that improve your competitive edge and maximize profitability. Increase your sales by making smarter, more strategic trades that help you win fast-sellers and avoid slow-movers. 

“If Velocity was an eye-opener, ProfitTime is a mind-blower.” – James Mason, Steven Toyota

Wholesale sourcing solutions

Stockwave draws from a broad range of sources to provide you with the most accurate, up-to-the-minute snapshot of today’s used car values and pricing through our live market view. With the most complete set of wholesale and retail data available, you can source with more confidence than ever knowing exactly what to pay.

Reconditioning solutions

iRecon helps you communicate with partners, reduce holding costs and get your vehicles in front of customers sooner. Because the sooner they see them, the sooner you can sell them.


Intelligent Promotion

Creating bold, vehicle‑specific stories that incorporate your dealership’s branding has never been easier.


Put your shoppers in the driver’s seat with an immersive digital experience that provides them with interior and exterior 360-degree spin views of the vehicle.


Now you can easily upload and manage vehicle photos, and efficiently deploy listings to third-party sites.

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