Uncover and fix inefficiencies in your reconditioning process

When your vehicle recon process falls short, it can create bottlenecks, limit accountability and keep your used car inventory from getting to the front line.

vAuto’s reconditioning software, iRecon, pinpoints your recon opportunities so you can get ahead of potential issues and eliminate inefficiencies. Improve cross-team communication, streamline your process and ultimately get your vehicles in front of customers faster – only with iRecon.

Streamline your recon process, boost efficiencies and maximize profits

The longer a vehicle sits in reconditioning, the more it costs you. iRecon helps you manage the recon process directly in ProfitTime® GPS and Provision®. You can easily create, update and monitor used vehicle reconditioning plans. Then, utilize customized recon metrics to take action and increase the ROI of each car.

2.8 days

The average number of days to sell is approximately 2.8 days shorter for iRecon + Provision customers than Provision-only customers.

+1 turn vs. +1/2

On average, dealers who use iRecon + Provision have at least half an additional turn of their inventory than dealers who use Provision only.

Reconditioning ROI calculator

See how much additional profit you could expect each month when you use iRecon to improve your reconditioning process.

Solution benefits


Send messages and notifications in real time to open the lines of communication across departments and keep work moving.

Approval time tracking

See how long task approvals are taking and set parameters for expected task time to keep every step of the process on track.

Vehicle location tracking

Save time by using GPS tracking to find vehicles in their last scanned location.

iRecon mobile app

Manage your recon process from anywhere. Use the app to communicate with teams, send and receive photos with VIN scanning, and more.

Ready to learn more?

Internal groups

Create and manage Internal Groups that can be assigned tasks. From there, your team can self-manage assignments and workflows.

Line-item approval

View a menu of tasks provided by your reconditioning techs, then quickly and easily approve or decline each item.

Customized plans

Build customized plan templates for your dealership to minimize the time it takes to get vehicle reconditioning started.

Adam Simms

Toyota Sunnyvale

“I’ve always known how to turn my inventory fast, but with vAuto my turn is even faster than I ever imagined possible.”

Adam Simms

Toyota Sunnyvale

Mike Cirona

Scott Robinson Honda

“We used ProfitTime GPS by the book for 100 days. The results were amazing.”

Mike Cirona

Scott Robinson Honda

Dealer success stories


Know which cars to attack first in the reconditioning process and how much to invest in recon. Use ProfitTime GPS’s precious metals to know which cars must move quickly so you can assign recon plans accordingly..

Promote a vehicle to online shoppers as soon as you own it, even while it is in recon. Once you’ve acquired a vehicle, it should be listed online, no matter where it stands in the recon process.

Request a demo

Achieve higher sales volume and profitability by getting your recon on the right track. See how vAuto iRecon helps you identify – and avoid – costly delays.

Provide transparency and accountability

Easily check the time spent on tasks to track how long things are taking. Then, adjust and provide support to your dealership’s day-to-day operations.

Improve cross-team communications

Open the lines of communication and get everyone on the same page with solutions that offer an in-depth look at each recon task.

Prioritize vehicles for the best ROI

Use the dealer dashboard to get a holistic view of all the cars in reconditioning to better strategize and improve your recon profitability.

Identify areas for improvement

Pinpoint what’s slowing down your recon process and tackle any issues before they become bigger problems and cost you revenue.

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