Turn your used vehicles faster without giving up gross.

If “good enough” isn’t good enough for your dealership, give your team Provision. vAuto’s Provision used car inventory management software changed the business. It was the first to identify the metrics that matter and continues to be the only platform to find its users virtually 100% of the market information needed to make better pricing and acquisition decisions.


Get more out of your used car metrics

Stock, appraise, price and list your used vehicles more precisely than your competitors with vAuto Provision® and the live market view. Join more than 13,000 top dealers nationwide who rely on this used vehicle inventory management solution to increase profits.


More than 13,000 top automotive dealers use Provision.


More than 1,400 independent auto dealers use Provision.


Dealers who use Provision see 76% more VDP views on Autotrader.

Solution benefits

Deal finder

Quickly find the right inventory for credit-challenged buyers so you always have the car you need to close the sale.

Wholesale hub

Find your wholesale holding inventory, send new vehicles to auction and track their progress – all in one place.


Centralize appraising and allocate inventory across all rooftops to increase profitability in every store.

Additional features


Know customer demand to stock the cars they’re looking for and sell them faster.


Competitively price every used vehicle on your lot – without sacrificing profits.


Know what to pay to make a profit with information on similar cars in your market.


Create more compelling listings to drive traffic to your website and showroom.

Bradley Berndt

Auto Haus on Velp

“Thanks to Provision, I don’t have a job. I have a fun career.”

Bradley Berndt

Auto Haus on Velp

Jason Frampton

Ken Garff Automotive Group

“vAuto’s Provision Performance Managers didn’t teach us to run software. They taught us to win.”

Jason Frampton

Ken Garff Automotive Group

Dealer success stories


Intelligent Promotion allows you to manage your VDPs directly in Provision. Enhance your VDP content across your inventory without having to manually touch every listing.

iRecon operates directly from Provision so that you can closely monitor, update and execute the reconditioning process. You can use live market insights to make informed used car and recon decisions.

When you source with Stockwave in Provision, you get access to 300+ marketplaces. Open Provision within Stockwave to do a full appraisal on auction vehicles, then reference that appraisal when you’re ready to bid.

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You need a data-driven used car strategy that gives you a precise understanding of your market – and how to manage your inventory to stay ahead. See how vAuto Provision helps you appraise, price and merchandise more efficiently and more precisely with the most powerful live market data available.

See the competition’s prices

Price competitively against the market.

Use the velocity method

Maximize turn while protecting your total gross.

Close more profitable deals

Make precise used car decisions.

Gain the acquisition advantage

Source cars knowing they’ll sell quickly in your market.

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