Understand your market and competition.

With new car inventory on the rise, having a solid inventory strategy in place is essential. vAuto Conquest ensures you know what vehicles you need on your lot and what your competition has.

Start protecting your market share by leveraging industry-leading data to guide your decisions. Automate your pricing, apply rebates and incentives and use live market insights to ensure your new car listings stay up to date. With rebates and incentives back on the rise, it’s crucial to make sure you’re promoting the latest offers. 

Improve your competitive advantage with Conquest to maximize profitability and increase sales in today’s market.

See new car success in any market

Outperform your new car competition with live market insights from Conquest. With industry-leading live market data, Conquest fills in the gaps your OEM system misses so you can manage your new vehicle inventory more strategically. Stock and list the exact vehicles customers in your market want to buy, optimize your units to build a better mix, and know exactly how to price cars to make the most of every allocation and every new vehicle in your inventory.

Solution benefits

Price to market conditions

Optimize profits without impacting your allocations. Understand how to price inventory based on consumer demand, inventory supply and what’s going on in the market.

Streamline with one platform

Take a holistic approach to your dealership operations. Manage your new car, used car and digital merchandising all on one platform for a smoother workflow that has every department working at its highest level.

Dealer trades

Optimize your inventory at your competitors’ expense. Quickly identify the fastest-turning vehicle combinations you could receive from a proposed trade. Plus, know the value of the requested trade and assess what vehicles you should be asking for in return.

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Apply rebates and incentives

Ensure every new car listing reflects the most up-to-date price. Manage factory rebates, incentives and discounts, then automatically apply them to your inventory and your third-party listing sites.

Manage merchandising

Manage vehicle listings, including media, descriptions and pricing. With merchandising tools you can access directly in Conquest, you can transform the VDP media carousel experience to engage shoppers online and win their business.

Paul Suchanek

Niello BMW

“Conquest is a fantastic hub for everything new car.”

Paul Suchanek

Niello BMW

Ben Klein

Southwest Kia

“Conquest has been key to helping me turn — even marketing the car before it gets here.”

Ben Klein

Southwest Kia

Dealer success stories


Your new car sales often include trade-ins that fuel the used car side of your business. The Global Acquisition management system in ProfitTime GPS ensures you acquire the right cars for the right money, even on trade-ins so that you can optimize each car’s ROI.

Listings that include multiple photos in the VDP carousel see significantly more engagement, even your new car inventory. Intelligent Promotion lets you merchandise vehicles before they hit your lot and include dealership branding that gets your cars noticed ahead of the competition’s.

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Leave your new car competition in the dust. See how you can access data that goes beyond your OEM system to create a new vehicle inventory management strategy based on precise stocking, pricing and merchandising decisions.

Vehicle-specific strategies

Identify distressed inventory and develop vehicle-specific strategies to increase turn and maximize profits.

Pricing made easy

Set pricing rules and automatically apply factory rebates, including connections with OEMs, such as General Motors D2C2.

Maximize allocations

Take action on day one and address aging inventory concerns before they become hits against your future OEM allocations.

Strategic dealer trades

Make smarter, more strategic trades to gain the competitive advantage. Win fast sellers and avoid slow movers whether you’re requesting or receiving a trade.

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