Turn Your New Car Inventory Into Your Competitive Advantage

Conquest gives you a Live Market View in real time, resulting in better new car strategies. You get comprehensive, industry-leading information — virtually 100% of the data you need — to guide your new car pricing, merchandising and promotion decisions. Utilizing Conquest’s powerful insights improves your competitive advantage and helps you maximize profitability and increase sales even more in this hot market.

The Only Thing Worse Than Limited Inventory Is The Wrong New Car Strategy

Many dealers are applying blanket strategies across their inventory thinking they are achieving optimal profitability. But with limited inventory you cannot afford to apply these all-encompassing strategies. Through this rapidly evolving new car market, you need to develop agile, vehicle-specific sales strategies using real-time data to optimize the inventory you have. vAuto’s Live Market View ensures you effectively price to market and turn vehicles faster, resulting in greater profits while also influencing your future allocations.

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Smart Inventory

Know what vehicles customers want and stock the right inventory to win their business and drive sales.

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Price To Market

Understand how to price inventory through live market data to optimize profits without impacting your allocations.

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Streamlined Workflow

Improve your workflow by having both your used car and new car inventory management in a single platform.

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Strategic New Vehicle Inventory Management

Conquest gives you the insights to outperform the new car competition. It fills in the gaps in your OEM ordering system with industry-leading live market data. These real-time insights help you create vehicle-specific strategies, price precisely and merchandise efficiently to leave other dealers in the dust.

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See Why We Continue To Earn Our Clients’ Business Every Month

Sheehy Auto Stores
Del Grande Dealer Group
Paragon Honda. Pick up. Delivery.
“Conquest is a fantastic hub for everything new car.”
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“Now we’re making more money total, because we’re selling more cars.”
Lisa Diskin, Team Toyota
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“The dough is in the data.”
John Montague, Boerne Dodge
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“In less than 5 minutes, I can compare myself to my competitors.”
Russ Zakeri, Sheehy Volkswagen
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