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Keeping Pace as the Wholesale Market Turns

In this vAuto Podcast episode, Patrick Janes, director of business development for vAuto’s Stockwave solution, shares strategies dealers and used vehicle managers can use to find acquisition opportunities as the wholesale values adjust to more normal conditions. Patrick shares how dealers can use technology and tools to identify sellers with high no-sale rates are selling their cars and lean on local market data to fine-tune their acquisition strategies to source higher-cost cars that offer less risk in the retail market. Patrick also outlines an approach for dealers to right-size their acquisitions to ensure their used vehicle inventories complement incoming new vehicle inventory when it arrives from manufacturers.

About the Author

With over 30 years of automotive industry expertise, Patrick Janes is the AVP of Inventory Solutions at vAuto. As a former dealership general manager, he emphasizes the significance of a vehicle management system tailored for optimal ROI and dealer strategy support. Patrick's extensive career includes working with dealers nationwide for an OEM and serving as a vAuto performance manager, gaining insights into customer needs. A guest lecturer at Northwood University, Patrick holds a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering from Bradley University.

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