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Super-Excited to See Dealers in Dallas for NADA 2023

Like a saddle bronc in the chute, I’m chomping at the bit for this year’s NADA convention in Dallas.

As many of you know, I get excited as NADA approaches. It means I spend my days talking to dealers in person from different parts of the country, catching up, swapping stories and talking about where the car business is headed.

This year’s NADA convention is no different. In particular, I’m excited to go deep with dealers on Variable Management, and why I think the time has come for them to adopt this new way of managing used vehicles—from finding inventory to appraisals to retail sales—based on each unit’s investment value. Variable Management is the focus of my NADA workshops and Cox Automotive Powerup stage presentations. I suspect it’ll also be a key thread in my discussions with dealers at the vAuto booth (#3433) on the exhibit floor.

I’m also certain that dealer conversations will address the future, and how the market will move in the months ahead. Best I can tell, 2023 will be more challenging for dealers who haven’t, or won’t, adjust their operational priorities to match expectations for higher-than-normal rates of used vehicle depreciation and the risk that retail demand for new and used vehicle sales will languish.

I’ll be especially curious to hear how dealers are planning to meet these market conditions, and how Cox Automotive and vAuto can help them achieve their goals. Like every year, I’ll have my ears on, listening for nuggets of gold and pearls of wisdom that I can share with other dealers who may not have planned as proactively or thoughtfully for the road ahead. I’ll do my best to chronicle the top take-aways in daily NADA dispatches here.

Safe travels to Dallas for everyone heading there for the convention. I look forward to seeing you and doing everything I can to help you make this year’s NADA a productive, future-minded pivot point for you/your teams to achieve greater success.

See you in the Big D!

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Dale Pollak serves as executive vice president for Cox Automotive, a position he’s held since the company he founded, vAuto, became part of the Cox family in 2010. At Cox, Dale helps drive integrated innovation across the company’s auction, media and software divisions to help dealers increase efficiencies, sales volumes and profitability. The latest innovation, ProfitTime GPS, debuted in 2021 and helps dealers move beyond Velocity to a Variable Management strategy for optimizing the ROI for their used vehicle investments. The innovation, built on the breadth and depth of inventory data science at Cox Automotive, extends vAuto as the premier inventory management solution provider for franchise and independent dealers, serving more than 14,000 dealers. Dale has authored six books that showcase his perspective and thought leadership for the retail automotive industry. He published his latest book, “Whole Truth: A Fresh, Money-Making Method for Wholesale, the Most Misunderstood Side of Your Business,” in 2022.

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