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Why a "Good Enough" Reconditioning Process Won't Cut it Anymore | vAuto

Think your reconditioning process is good enough? Think again. Vehicle reconditioning is often considered a necessary evil of inventory management—a cost of doing business that's less glamorous than selling cars. It historically hasn't received the attention and oversight it should. As a result, dealers often don't consider how much their reconditioning process affects their ability to effectively appraise and acquire cars, merchandise them in the most transparent way possible and provide a why-buy-from-us differentiator with retail customers. In this podcast, join Mike Boyd, founder of iRecon, to understand the link between reconditioning and how it impacts all other aspects of used vehicle inventory management. Mike will walk through how a less-than-efficient reconditioning process hurts a dealer's ability to buy cars as well as the signs that signal you should consider tuning up your reconditioning process.