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Provision Suite - Used Car Dealership Inventory Management Software Video | vAuto vAuto's Provision Suite keeps top dealers ahead in today's competitive used-vehicle market. It's the industry's only software suite built specifically to bring the Velocity Method of Management to life for your dealership — generating faster turn and greater profits. The Provisioning tool gives you a real-time view of the vehicles with the most potential in your live market, so you know what to buy, what to pay and where to find it. The Appraising Tool tells you exactly what other vehicles are selling for in your live retail market, before you make every appraisal. You'll always know how to get out of a car before you get in. Price every vehicle on your lot to maximize your search hits, your turn and your profit, so you reach the top spot on customers' online shopping lists. Keep your online inventory as sharp as your showroom with the Merchandising and display tool. Optimize vehicle listings and maximize results in online searches. Close more deals and minimize negotiations with RealDeal, the industry's first market-transparent price validation tool. Use it to drive more shoppers to your lot and validate your pricing.