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  • Merchandising | New & Used Vehicles

    3 Ways to Avoid Falling Flat with Today’s Vehicle Buyers

    Let’s imagine that you’re sitting front and center as your favorite band takes the stage. You bought tickets a few weeks ago. You cleared your schedule. You’re excited as the band cranks up the opening tune. The singer steps up to the microphone. But the first note falls flat, followed by another clunker. You wince, and think: “What the...? I didn’t come all the way here for this!”

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  • Managing Age | Used Vehicles

    Addressing Increased Used Vehicle Supplies, Depreciation

    You might say that the blessing we’ve enjoyed in used vehicles is running out of gas. The blessing has been a relatively stable balance between used vehicle supplies and demand. These market forces have helped to subdue the effects of used vehicle depreciation for much of the year.

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