These are challenging times in the new vehicle market. Customers are smarter, competition is tougher and margins are slimmer. Still, dealers have numbers to hit, and with inventory levels at an all-time high, it’s even harder to increase your turn.

How do you ease the pressure so you can make the right decisions — and your sales goals?

At vAuto, we are tuned in to the market dynamics and trends impacting dealers like you. And we have found that dealers can increase turn and profits by mastering these three essential aspects of a winning new car inventory strategy.

That’s why we developed this guide — to offer you actionable steps to take in key operational areas of your new car operations dealership to improve your inventory turn and gross. You will learn how to accomplish this by:

  • Improving your inventory mix
  • Making better pricing decisions
  • Executing better dealer trades

By optimizing these three key areas, you can improve your bottom line and be more successful. Download our guide: Three Keys to Optimizing New Car Inventory.