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Reckoning With Today’s New Vehicle Realities

 In this vAuto Podcast episode, host Lance Helgeson and Brian Finkelmeyer, director of new vehicle business development for vAuto, discuss the current environment for franchise dealers in new vehicles. Brian shares an update on new vehicle sales and inventory supplies, and how these factors create an environment where the margin of error in pricing or vehicle ordering can make a difficult situation even worse. Brian offers three ways dealers can optimize their new vehicle inventory to capture the right cars and customers amid the current market volatility.

About the Author

Brian Finkelmeyer serves as the senior director of new car solutions at vAuto. In this role, he is responsible for all aspects of vAuto’s new car business. Prior to vAuto, Brian spent 18 years with Nissan North America in a variety of sales leadership positions. He is a frequent presenter and author for various automotive trade publications. His topics focus on the importance of increasing new vehicle inventory turn by having the proper inventory mix, strategically pricing based on age and supply, and maximizing the effectiveness of dealers' marketing investment.

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