Patrick Janes

Tax time is just around the corner, with W-2 forms already in homes. This time of year is your opportunity to close more used car deals, so you need to prepare your lot with the most in-demand cars for your market.

To ensure you have the most profitable inventory in place, you’re likely analyzing thousands of cars at auction. But putting in the necessary research can take your attention away from other aspects of your business.

Comparing Prices at Auction

With such a high volume of auction cars to research, think how valuable it would be if you had a personal assistant. You could gain back valuable time while also sourcing profitable cars, quickly comparing NADA clean trade-in to average wholesale prices.

That’s why one of our vAuto Performance Consultants created the “back of book” business plan. Armed with this plan, you can ask Stockwave to compare these two pricing values on every wholesale vehicle within your reach in a matter of minutes.

Zero In on the Right Cars

Smarter searching and newly enhanced features in Stockwave let you sort wholesale vehicles by most attractive spread. From there, you can narrow down to price points, model years and mileage ranges that work best for your tax-time prospects. You can even find those low–Market Days Supply units that not only hold healthy margins with lenders, but are cars that sell fast in your market.

Use Technology as a Profit Finder

When you pack your lot with the right cars, your personal assistant becomes your profit finder, giving you a distinct advantage at the desk this tax season.

Don’t be idle in 2020 — kick your sourcing strategy into high gear. Use Stockwave to help you find profit opportunities at wholesale auctions, and be the disruptor in your market.

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