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Northwood University Inventory Experiment Part 2 of 2 | vAuto Podcast

Under the Microscope: How Bush Auto Place Fared in a Northwood University Study In this vAuto podcast episode, dealer Mark Bush of Bush Auto Place, Wilmington, OH, discusses results of a recent Northwood University student project that examined his store’s processes for preparing and promoting used vehicles online. Joined by Northwood University instructor Jennifer Patten and vAuto’s senior director of business development, Patrick Janes, Bush outlines how he’s adopted study recommendations to improve online reviews and visibility of inventory listings. He also shares how a sales coordinator position helps his team meet a five-day goal for getting vehicles front- and online-ready.

About the Author

With over 30 years of automotive industry expertise, Patrick Janes is the AVP of Inventory Solutions at vAuto. As a former dealership general manager, he emphasizes the significance of a vehicle management system tailored for optimal ROI and dealer strategy support. Patrick's extensive career includes working with dealers nationwide for an OEM and serving as a vAuto performance manager, gaining insights into customer needs. A guest lecturer at Northwood University, Patrick holds a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering from Bradley University.

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