Performance Management Important Information

Cancellations and Buy / Sells – Send Immediately!

For all vAuto cancellations and buy / sells


Upsells, removals, harvest, and warm leads

Technical, billing and / or negative customer feedback


Request Pricing for all PM/PC Sales
Dealer Group breakouts


Request Agreements for all PM/PC Sales


Request copies of customer invoice

Account Changes

Request Dealer Name or Address Change

PM Dept. Support

Questions about PM Process, Salesforce issues, Account Assignments

Questions related to commissions

Request vacation time

PM Dept. Expense

PM Referrals For Other Cox Products

Account Page – Cox Automotive Team Directory

PM New User Training Request

From POA, click Request New User Training,

Technical Support

Report a product issue, bug or enhancement (Contact record, click on Cases, submit New Case)
New Case in Salesforce

PM: Escalate an existing vAuto Tech Support Case

PC: Request Case Escalation for an existing vAuto Tech Support Case

Request a change in vAuto application

Window sticker example (clean filled out sticker, buyers guide, or sales marketing form)


Dealer Cancellation/jeopardy of cancelling

Dealer At-Risk for ICO Products

ICO Product Questions/Assistance

Request ICO Dealer Training

Present Digital Services offerings Email blast templates/CRM templates

KBB Digital Services

PM Dept. Support

IT Help Desk (855-410-0111)
Service Station Ticket

HR Help Desk (855-449-0010)

Concur Travel & Expense

Cox Travel (800-255-4883)

HomeNet Questions

Requests or Questions related to HomeNet