ProfitTime® GPS now brings sourcing power

The all-new Global Search feature makes it easy to find more vehicles & buy them right in all your favorite channels.

Access nearly 1 million vehicles. Across all your favorite channels.

Global Search puts all potential acquisition opportunities at your fingertips. Auction lanes, private sellers, your service appointments, previously missed trade-ins, and more. Find the inventory you need, no matter where it is.

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Eliminate the noise and focus on the money-makers.

You won’t just find more of the right inventory; you’ll do it faster than ever. With Global Search, you can easily filter every search to see only the vehicles with the potential to meet your dealership’s profit objectives.

See it in action in your live market

Get Variable Management guidance at the moment of acquisition.

For every vehicle listed, Global Search shows your “Max Bid,” or the maximum price ProfitTime recommends you can pay to keep this car within your strategy. So, no matter who’s appraising or what channel they are buying from, your team knows where to land to acquire any vehicle right.

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Plus, everything you expect from ProfitTime GPS:

Variable Management

Recommendations tailored to each vehicle and situation

Better Data

Full of insights from the world’s largest wholesale and retail markets

Performance Through Partnership

With a personal performance manager invested in your success

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Sit down with a product specialist to explore the full power of Global Search, and discover how ProfitTime GPS is helping the best dealerships run better every day.

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