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Global search

Global Search

With ProfitTime GPS, you can now bring a completely investment-minded approach to your inventory acquisition process. Our new Global Search feature allows you to define a multi-channel acquisition strategy. Then find, assess, and purchase vehicles aligned to that strategy. From nearly 1 million multi-channel listings nationwide. All in one place. There’s no better way to ensure the profitability of every acquisition.

For Merchandising…

Vehicle Intelligence 360

Now you can promote the unique, high-value, and often hidden features of every used car you sell online. vAuto’s newest merchandising solution enhances the VDP experience for new ways of discovery. Including education cards and badges that teach consumers the value of the car.



This truly one-of-a-kind solution turns selling wholesale into a reliable path to profit. Exiting a car with Upside always starts by giving you a guaranteed minimum price. And, when any vehicle sells for more than the guarantee you keep the lion’s share of the upside. And best of all, it works! Since 2022, over $20 million in profit share has returned to Upside sellers.


Variable Management

In today’s volatile marketplace, dealers must move past one-size-fits-all decision-making. Some cars deserve patience. Some cars need urgency. That’s why vAuto solutions are built to enable Variable Management. Allowing you to treat every vehicle, in every situation, according to its one-of-a-kind ROI potential to your dealership.


Data Science

With direct access to data from the world’s largest retail and wholesale marketplaces, vAuto data scientists are continuously developing new ways to turn vehicle information into actionable insights. Let our data guide your decision-making to ensure strategic alignment with your dealership’s goals.

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