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Nexi Branding

The first digital assistant for dealerships, from vAuto

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What is Nexi?

Nexi is The answer to all your inventory questions

Want to know how your inventory is performing? Where your trouble spots are? If any new opportunities are on the horizon? Whether you have any Stockwave Offers to act on? Nexi will tell you.


Nexi is A fast learner

Currently assisting Provision and Stockwave — soon assisting Conquest!

Always evolving and improving to answer more questions and offer more skills!

Learning your preferences and work patterns to provide more proactive prompts!

Nexi is Alexa-enabled

Nexi works with all Amazon Alexa-enabled devices. When you have a question about your inventory, just ask Alexa! Download the instructions to add Nexi to your Alexa device here:

Alexa, ask My Nexi for my current turn rate.

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