vAuto is the ultimate solution for today’s dealerships because we pioneered the application of retailing principles to the practice of acquiring, merchandising, pricing and selling cars. Here are just a few groundbreaking principles we’ve introduced to the industry:

The most accurate market-based valuation available

vAuto’s Live Market View separates us from the competition. Our technology, coupled with an extensive list of data partners, ensures you have the most accurate view of available vehicles and pricing to guide your new and used inventory management decisions. In short, you can see every car, every second, everywhere. We offer the industry’s first and only solution that drills deeper than the VIN- and trim-level comparisons offered by the competition.

The first and only view of off-brand competitors’ new car inventory

The fast-paced and increasingly transparent new car market forces dealers to compete fiercely against available in-brand and off-brand inventory across their marketplaces. vAuto’s Conquest™ is the first and only technology solution that delivers specific pricing data on every new car your shoppers might find in their searches. Whether it’s the same makes and models you’re trying to sell or a comparable offering from a competing franchise, you’ll know where it is; you’ll know its trim, equipment and color; and you’ll know how it’s priced at any given second.

The most powerful metrics you’ve never had

Every day, dealers across America ask themselves three questions: Is this a car I want to stock? If so, how much do I want to pay for it? If I own it, how much should I ask for it?

In the past, dealers based decisions on intuition and vehicle age — supply and demand was anybody's guess. But today, vAuto's market-based metrics, the first and only in the industry, provide clear-cut guidance that goes wider and deeper than the competition to give you actionable market intelligence:

Market Days Supply: Now, the hidden market for any new or used vehicle is revealed in one powerful number — vAuto’s true market days supply. We scour the market to collect information no other provider can offer. We identify and compare every identical vehicle according to every factor that matters — far beyond just year, make, model and trim level. And we’re the only company that gets to this level of specificity. With accurate, real-time true market days supply, you can maximize your turn rates and your profits.

Cost to Market: This metric blends retail and wholesale valuations to tell you how much to pay for a used vehicle as you appraise and acquire inventory. The cost-to-market intelligence ensures you make your margin when you buy a car, maximizing your return on investment (ROI) and profitability on every retail unit.

Price to Market: This metric identifies each new or used vehicle’s retail “sweet spot” — the precise price point that maximizes buyer appeal and profitability. Coupled with vAuto’s Live Market View technology, the price-to-market metric ensures you price each car to meet or beat the competition — while still maximizing inventory turn rates and profitability.

Used inventory management for the office, your lot or the road

vAuto’s used car inventory management tools and applications are fully optimized for mobile devices. Whether you’re behind your desk or on the go, you can manage each stage of a used vehicle’s lifecycle — from an initial VIN scan to a vehicle comparison report to close a customer — on your smartphone or tablet.

Market-smart used inventory recommendations

Set your inventory strategy to ensure you’re buying the most desirable and profitable used vehicles for your lot based on your market. With more than just a list of the “right” cars to acquire, you know where to acquire them quickly — and ensure the auction cars you need will fit your acquisition and retailing criteria.

A guaranteed exit strategy

Thanks to our integration with Autotrader’s TIM (trade-in marketplace), vAuto’s Provision® established a starting point for used vehicle appraisals, creating an objective voice consumers can trust and providing dealers with a guaranteed exit strategy for vehicles that do not fit a dealer’s retail parameters and preferences.

An intuitive letter-grade system

Only Provision tells you how many people are searching for a particular used vehicle in your area, because only Provision grades each car on seven different attributes, including three you can’t get anywhere else: demand, interest and days supply. When you know the desirability of a car in real time, you can make fast, smart acquisition, appraising, merchandising and pricing decisions.

A true view of consumers’ rankings

Today’s used car buyers use the Internet to find the best value on the vehicle they want. Their online searches produce lists of dozens, if not hundreds, of similar vehicles in their area. To narrow the selection, customers rank the vehicles with the best value at the top of their list — and never even consider the rest. Provision is the only way to see your vehicle ranked against its competition according to the same standards consumers use. With an accurate picture of what the consumer sees, you can make the necessary adjustments to rank higher on an online buyer’s shopping list.

The industry’s first retail valuation book

Wholesale book values do not suggest what consumers are likely to pay for a used vehicle. Provision was the first to reveal a used vehicle’s appeal and competitive position in the current retail market. That’s because we take a retail-back approach, focusing on your exit strategy before you get into a car. In other words, our entire approach revolves around the pricing and profitability parameters that play best in your market.

And thanks to Provision, you can make used car appraisals based on up-to-the-minute data about all vehicles moving in and out of your market. Plus, you see a profile of your vehicle in a familiar format and refine your competitive set according to the most relevant attributes — at a level of detail no one else can offer.

Used vehicle evaluation breakthrough

With the integration that matches critical CARFAX® data and insights to auction vehicles, dealers have unprecedented access to instant vehicle history reports. Dealers have an instant, time-saving view of a used vehicle’s reported accident, ownership, service and usage history to make better-informed auction decisions.

The first open-source auction solution

The perfect cars for your inventory could be anywhere, and today’s dealers don’t have the time to waste searching auction after auction to find them. That’s why we developed Stockwave, the industry’s first wholesale solution deeply integrated with multiple leading auction houses across the country. It only takes a few seconds to sort through thousands of cars available at auctions nationwide — and with the power of vAuto’s real-time market data, we’ll even tell you which ones are the best buys for you.

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