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Expanding Your Market Beyond Your DMA Is Easy with SnapLot 360

As technology continues to alter the world and the ways in which business is conducted, customer expectations for the ways in which auto dealerships market and merchandise their vehicles online are also evolving. Learn more about how dealers can easily meet these changing expectations with vAuto SnapLot 360 and successfully reach consumers well outside of their DMA.  


Meet Car Buyers Where They Shop

Over the last two decades, technology has transformed the way nearly every industry conducts business. With the rise of eCommerce, consumers now have easier access to products and services far outside of their local areas. In the same respect, businesses now have the ability to reach more customers far outside of their local market too. 

Luckily for auto dealerships, this means that selling to consumers well outside of their DMA is more accessible than ever before. Over the last three years we have seen car buyers steadily increase their buying radius, nearly doubling, from an average of 45.9 miles to 89.3 miles1. Even when customers are willing to go further to obtain the vehicle they want, you still need the right tools to make this process as easy as it can be. 

That's where SnapLot 360 from vAuto comes into the picture. With consumers leaning heavily toward a digital buying experience, every dealership needs to make sure that they have the right content online, including 360-degree spins, to showcase their vehicles. SnapLot 360 makes the process of capturing 360-degree spins and creating immersive content simple. SnapLot 360 not only helps to bring your virtual showroom to life, but it also increases your speed to market and drives shopper engagement. Learn just how easy SnapLot 360 is and what all it has to offer your dealership.


Just One Lap Around the Vehicle

Contrary to popular believe, capturing a 360-degree spin of your vehicles is a simple process with SnapLot 360. All you need to get started is to download the SnapLot app on your mobile Android or iOS device and take a walk around the vehicle. 

After walking around the vehicle with the SnapLot 360 app, you will have a high-resolution 360-degree spin in just seconds. It's genuinely that simple. SnapLot 360 also supports a wide-angle lens, allowing you to be much closer to the vehicle when capturing images, sometimes as close as 3 feet. Making this essential for a smaller or crowded lot.


More Than 360-Degree Spins

In one lap around the vehicle, you get more than just a 360-degree spin. SnapLot 360 also creates additional types of media, including eight exterior photos and a professional video with hotspot overlays, music and a natural sounding human voiceover. SnapLot 360’s Advanced Media package makes getting all the different media assets you need easy. These features help to increase overall listing media efficiency for dealerships with no extra time or effort from dealership staff.

If that wasn't enough, SnapLot 360 has automated hotspot tagging. These hotspots are accurately placed on the spin, so you don’t have to worry about them being in the wrong location. However, you can also manually add or edit custom hotspots if there are additional aspects worth noting.

All of these features combined create a wonderful digital experience for potential customers, helping to better replicate the transparency shoppers feel from an on-the-lot experience. 


Cox Automotive Integrations

The ultimate benefit of vAuto and SnapLot 360 is that all your media is synced and managed within Provision and Conquest. With SnapLot 360, the app syncs directly with your vAuto inventory management system making management of merchandising for any vehicle in your inventory just a few clicks away. 

Another reason that SnapLot 360 is so beneficial to dealerships is that all the media can be quickly syndicated. With integration in vAuto, dealers can easily syndicate your 360-degree spins, photos and videos to your website, such as, and third-party listing sites, like Autotrader where SnapLot 360 is the exclusive 360-degree spin tool. SnapLot 360 also offers integration with most marketplaces, allowing you to reach as many customers as possible. 

Reaching outside your DMA has never been easier when all your inventory media is seamlessly integrated through most marketplaces and syndicated out through vAuto.


Discover How vAuto and SnapLot 360 Can Elevate Your Dealership 

With all the benefits of SnapLot 360, it's easy to see that the combination has a lot to offer dealerships looking to secure customers outside of their local region and build a secure and trustworthy online presence.

In the ever-changing technological world, consumers are consistently making decisions about which vehicle to purchase beforeshowing up at your dealership’s lot. Over 50% of shoppers only visit one dealership when purchasing a vehicle1 - to avoid being left behind by competitors, it's a necessity to meet consumers where they are making decisions and that starts by giving them the content they need to make a decision online. 

If you're ready to discover how SnapLot 360 can help elevate your dealership and take your merchandising to the next level, connect with us today to learn more about SnapLot 360

1 Cox Automotive Car Buyer Journey, 2020

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As Cox Automotive's AVP of Strategy and Operations at vAuto, Nathan Fox spearheads the strategic development of merchandising, reconditioning, and wholesale acquisition solutions. With a focus on implementing vAuto's Variable Management philosophy, Nathan aids dealers in optimizing ROI for used car inventory. Drawing from over a decade in the consumer-packaged goods industry, including roles at Procter & Gamble and Kimberly-Clark, Nathan brings a CPG-informed perspective to auto retail merchandising. He is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Kenan-Flagler Business School.

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