Used Car ChallengesStocking

Has This Ever Happened To You?

You started off optimistic …

You started off optimistic …

8 empty spots to fill. 1 day till the auction. What can go wrong?

… but now you’re worried.

… but now you’re worried.

It’s 30 days later and your 8 cars haven’t sold. But they have to, right?

So you throw in some discounts …

So you throw in some discounts …

… and throw in the towel. No profits (or paycheck) to brag about this month.

… and get ready to resell.

… and get ready to resell.

Because suddenly you’d rather have 8 spots to fill again than these 8 cars you can’t sell.

Turns out … stocking isn’t about filling your lot. It’s about finding the right cars for your buyers.

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You’re not alone

This used car manager had the same stocking struggles. Watch what happened.

JASON FRAMPTON Ken Graff Automotive Group, Salt Lake City, Utah

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