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Get the upper hand in the new car market

Conquest™ uses real-time market data to fill in what OEM systems miss, letting you manage your new car inventory with ease and precision. Stock and list the exact vehicles and equipment your market wants to buy, optimize your units to build a better mix, and know exactly how to price to sell more cars and see more profit.

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Product Details

  • True competitive insight

    Conquest delivers the most complete and accurate real-time market data available in the industry, with on-the-ground insights your OEM system can’t offer. See exactly what cars are on your competitors’ lots — even including specific equipment — and know how each vehicle is priced. And get even more specific by building a competitive set of dealerships, both in-brand and off-brand, to focus on the data that matters most to you.

    True competitive insight
  • Market-based pricing
    Market-based pricing

    Drive more traffic and more sales with a retail-based pricing strategy that goes beyond VIN and trim, taking vehicles’ equipment levels into account. vAuto’s industry-leading live market data lets you know how your competition is pricing comparable vehicles right this second. Conquest automatically reports your market days supply, so you’ll know how fast a specifically equipped car will sell based on your price and your live market.

  • Stocking recommendations

    Conquest examines what models and options are in demand in your live market, and creates personalized recommendations to help you build a more strategic new vehicle inventory.

    Stocking recommendations
  • Dealer trades
    Dealer trades

    If you can’t get the exact vehicle you need from the factory, Conquest has you covered. With one click, view every dealer with a specific vehicle in stock, as well as their contact information. It couldn't be easier to get in touch and arrange a trade.

  • Incentives management

    Conquest automatically finds every incentive and rebate for every vehicle in your inventory and instantly builds an optimized, guaranteed-compatible rebate stack directly into your listing price. Drive more traffic to your showroom with more compelling prices — and stop letting profit pass you by during negotiations.

    Incentives management
  • Listings management
    Listings management

    Create listings that drive more clicks, unique showroom traffic and more sales. Conquest lets you instantly generate complete, up-to-date listings for every new car on your lot — and set up automatic updates to ensure accurate pricing. And when you edit a listing or upload a photo in Conquest, your changes automatically push live to all third-party sites, keeping your listings consistent and competitive.

Exclusive Features

  • Live Market View

    See what’s happening in your market — every car, every second, everywhere.

  • In-depth Market Data

    Conquest offers real-time data on every car in your market — any make, any model, anytime.

  • No Contract Required

    vAuto earns your loyalty by delivering exceptional value every day.

  • Performance Management

    Work with a dedicated industry expert to execute an inventory strategy that sets you up for success.

vAuto’s Performance Managers didn’t teach us to run software. They taught us to win.
Jason Frampton, Ken Garff Automotive Group
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