It’s time to re-think your new car business

Being a new car manager is nothing like it used to be. The constantly changing factory incentives, the sea of model complexity, and today’s hypercompetitive online marketplace make it tougher than ever to make money. If you think the same old thinking will make you successful, think again.

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Tired of the same old new car story?

  • Not making enough money
  • The constant overload of inventory
  • Chasing factory bonus money
  • A quiet showroom
Conquest™ helps you think differently and sell more.

Hear how re-thinking your new car strategy with Conquest gets you results.

“Transforming Floor Plan Expenses into a Profit Machine”

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Dealers who use Conquest are re-thinking their new car strategy and seeing the following results:

  • 20%

    more new car sales

  • 80%

    more online shoppers

  • $190

    more front-end gross per vehicle

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Product Details

  • Struggling to sell new cars faster?

    Even the most promising models ordered from your OEM can sit on your lot for too long. If you don’t have the models with equipment packages your market demands, inventory gets old fast.

    Rethink your ordering by easily identifying the specific cars your market wants and your competition doesn’t have. Strategically order the trim levels and options that help you sell cars faster and increase turn.

    Struggling to sell new cars faster?
  • Not getting enough new car gross?
    Not getting enough new car gross?

    Today’s new car grosses are at an all-time low. Dealers often react by pricing too aggressively on low market days supply combinations, which actually gives away even more of that money you want to make.

    Get your gross back by identifying your competitive advantages and pricing precisely.

  • Getting burned on dealer trades?

    Trades account for upward of 40% of new car retail sales. If you’re not sure what to ask for, or if you accept a slow-turning car, the other guy wins.

    Now the advantage is yours: With live updates of competitors’ available inventory, you can trade for cars you’ll make money on.

    Getting burned on dealer trades?
  • Not getting eyes on your listings?
    Not getting eyes on your listings?

    With the overwhelming volume of new car inventory, it’s nearly impossible to price and describe each vehicle accurately and compellingly.

    Drive traffic and advertising ROI by creating compelling listings and automatically updating them across all sites.

  • Are floor plan credits a source of profit?

    New car inventory in the U.S. just surpassed four million cars, with days supply up 15% over last year. That means your floor plan expense is up, and continuing to rise.

    But now you can reduce holding costs by applying pricing rules across your inventory to move cars before they age.

    Are floor plan credits a source of profit?
  • Spending too much time managing incentives?
    Spending too much time managing incentives?

    Incentives programs change constantly — for some OEMs, as much as three times a day. The time you spend just keeping track of them is time you’re not devoting to more important tasks.

    Now you can build an optimized, guaranteed-compatible rebate stack directly into your listing price — and take back lost time and lost margin.

Exclusive Features

  • Live Market View

    See what’s happening in your market — every car, every second, everywhere.

  • In-depth Market Data

    Conquest offers real-time data on every car in your market — any make, any model, anytime.

  • No Contract Required

    vAuto earns your loyalty by delivering exceptional value every day.

  • Performance Management

    Work with a dedicated industry expert to execute an inventory strategy that sets you up for success.

Not only has Conquest improved our gross profits, but it’s also made us more efficient.
Greg Brown, Ford Lincoln of Franklin
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