The Fantastic Five

In a challenging market, dealers like you have asked what they can do to improve their new car sales.

So we talked to franchise dealers around the country, looked into what the most successful dealers are doing, and created The Fantastic Five. Learn how these five dealer types use Conquest’s live market insights to better stock, price and merchandise their new car inventory to close more sales.

How could you use Conquest to get similar results at your dealership?

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Dealers who use Conquest™ are seeing the following results:*

  • 20%
  • 80%
*Results based on a December 2016 independent study of Conquest and non-Conquest dealer performance.

The Fantastic Five

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The Traditionalist The Traditionalist

You are: The Traditionalist

Fit for Conquest: Good

You like to manage your inventory the same way every time: You receive your OEM allocations, price vehicles at MSRP or do straight-line discounting, and then let the team find the right way to sell what they have.

You rely on experience to react to market trends and try to predict what customers want. But trusting your instincts only takes you so far. Conquest gives you a more accurate look into the market to help you boost new car sales.

Conquest’s live market insights can help you solve inventory challenges, increase your turn, boost your revenue and make your business more successful.

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The Contender The Contender

You are: The Contender

Fit for Conquest: Very Good

You’re all about growth: You manage your inventory strategically to compete with larger dealerships. But all that strategic planning takes significant time and effort.

Conquest’s powerful market insights give your dealership the opportunity to develop a more efficient inventory strategy, generate showroom traffic with better listings, get a competitive edge over bigger operations in your market, and ultimately sell more new cars.

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The Seeker The Seeker

You are: The Seeker

Fit for Conquest: Very Good

Dealers like you tend to take a traditional approach to their inventory strategy. You accept OEM allocation, make dealer trades even if it means accepting an inferior vehicle, price at MSRP and then wait for customers to come you to apply rebates and incentives.

Conquest can help you develop a strategy that builds on your experience.

Its live market insights give you a better look at the market so you can see what your competitors are doing, learn how stocking and trading the right vehicles could increase your turn, and adjust your pricing to generate showroom traffic.

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The Enterpriser The Enterpriser

You are: The Enterpriser

Fit for Conquest: Excellent

You realize that paying attention to the market and customer demands is what keeps your dealership on top. You dedicate a lot of time to keeping an eye on your inventory, and you see high new vehicle sales volumes as a result.

Conquest can help you keep your high volumes while streamlining the long, in-depth process of developing a new car inventory strategy.

Conquest’s live market data can help you make faster, more effective decisions about your inventory, positioning your dealership as a formidable competitor and boosting your ROI.

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The Achiever The Achiever

You are: The Achiever

Fit for Conquest: Excellent

You know how to get results: You leverage your resources and your team to move new vehicles quickly.

Your success is rooted in your ability to develop an effective inventory management strategy across all your locations — one that takes customer demand, OEM ordering, and all other sales factors into account. You also know that staying open to new revenue opportunities is crucial for success.

Conquest can help your dealerships maximize efficiency. Its live market insights can help you refine your ability to read the market. And its ability to complement your OEM systems can help you optimize your resources, uncovering untapped revenue potential.

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Conquest’s live market insights deliver real-time data on every car in your market — so you always have an informed and accurate approach to better stock, price and merchandise your new car inventory.

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Nearly 3,000 dealers use Conquest to add insight to their new car strategy. They’re getting an inside look at the market and at what their competition is doing.

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