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Provision® Enterprise upgrades your Provision capabilities from the store level to the dealership group level. A holistic view of inventory helps dealer principals identify opportunities to move cars to the store where they’ll perform best. HQ appraising adds efficiency. And smart reports make it easier to make group-level decisions that increase profitability in every store.

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Provision’s tools for franchise dealerships

Provision’s tools for independent dealerships

Provision Enterprise Details

  • Appraise with all stores in mind

    Now when anyone in your group appraises a car, they can assess its potential beyond their own store. Provision Enterprise provides Market Days Supply and profit potential for every car you consider, in every live market you manage. If a vehicle being appraised at one store fits another store’s Provisioning strategy, you can easily accept the inventory and assign it elsewhere. Every store gets a better mix, and every appraisal gets more opportunity.

    Appraise with all stores in mind
  • See the status of every appraisal
    See the status of every appraisal

    Provision Enterprise makes it easy for dealer principals to track the progress of appraisals across the group. See HQ pending, HQ reviewed, which vehicles were accepted or rejected, and more. The transparent progress reports allow group leaders to recommend the best store to accept an appraised vehicle, and make the appraisal process more efficient.

  • Monitor KPIs

    With Provision Enterprise, reporting gets more robust, drilling down to store-by-store details. In a single view, see critical KPIs like turn, inventory age and more on an intuitive dashboard. Know where you’re over- and underperforming so you can make adjustments and better position each store for success.

    Monitor KPIs
  • Reallocate inventory
    Reallocate inventory

    With a holistic view of inventory across your enterprise, you can identify opportunities to move vehicles from one market to another. If a vehicle underperforming at one store shows stronger Market Days Supply and profit potential at another, you can easily reallocate it. Provision Enterprise even factors in transportation costs to tell you when inventory transfers will translate to a profit advantage for the group.

With vAuto’s Provision, my inventory meets customer demand.
Shaun Del Grande, Del Grande Dealer Group
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