Your endless pursuit for better starts now.

Welcome to the vAuto family! Now that you’re signed on, you officially have us in your corner – a partner committed to helping you achieve your peak performance.

Your training plan is being mapped out, and you’ll be paired with a dedicated Performance Manager shortly.

In the meantime, hear from Derek Hansen, VP of Operations for Cox Automotive and vAuto, about what our partnership means.

Then, dive into what you can expect during these initial phases, how we support your growth and how dealers like you have seen results.

Here’s where you stand and what’s coming up.

You just made a big investment in the future of your dealership. You’re eager to get going. And we’re just as excited to see you hit the ground running.

To make sure you have a smooth start, there are a few things that need to happen first.

Here’s a snapshot of your expected timeline:

Sign up with vAuto.

We get your systems set up.

You and your team start training sessions.

Your Performance Manager gets in touch.

Right now, our implementation team is hard at work gathering details about your dealership and getting your tools set up, so there are no bumps in the road when you start training.

In the meantime, hear from other dealers who have been through this onboarding process and are seeing their investment pay off.

Here’s how you keep growing.

You’re about to gain access to industry-leading technology. But there are even more ways we help the best dealers run better.

Take a look at how you can get more value out of this partnership and see greater results than you ever thought possible for your dealership.

Tap Superior Insights

The leading tools and tech give you live market data and insights on every vehicle so you can turn better thinking into better action.

Team Up With the Best

There’s a human behind your software. Look to your Performance Manager to coach you, help you improve and hold you accountable for the best results.

Set the Smartest Strategy

Optimizing your process is just as important as optimizing your inventory. Set a smart variable management strategy to see higher profits across the complete inventory life cycle.

Hear from dealers who have been in your shoes.

The vAuto community is more than 14,000 dealers strong. Chances are, any challenge you’re facing, someone else has gone through it too.

So, use their experiences for your benefit.

Find out what they were up against and consider how you could use their strategy to make your own dealership better. Or, hear a dealer’s experience with another product you may have your eye on.

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