We greatly value our partnerships in the automotive industry. A few of our important partners include:

Tommy Gibbs

President, Tommy Gibbs & Associates

With more than 23 years of experience as a dealer principal, Tommy Gibbs is a frequent speaker at Dealer 20 Groups and conventions, teaching principles learned through his own trial and error. Gibbs specializes in leadership skills and used vehicle management, teaching practical procedures that help dealers immediately make more money.

Mark Rikess

President, The Rikess Group

One of the most forward-thinking retail automotive industry consulting and training organizations, The Rikess Group is well known for providing dealerships with the tools and resources to help consistently increase market share and profitability. With a national reputation for providing progressive information on breakthrough issues, Principal Mark Rikess is a frequently sought after speaker and the operator of a thought-provoking Dealer 20 Group.

George Gabriel

President, Gabriel & Associates

Gabriel & Associates is one of the busiest and most effective consulting groups in the industry today. George Gabriel has a personal contract with Toyota as their only corporately contracted used vehicle consultant for the entire country. In addition, Gabriel & Associates is a pioneer in the development and implementation of the most effective sales menu and desk training available, supporting the latest in desk technology. G&A is redefining retail consultations, as well as the way numbers are presented and negotiated.

Steve Nickelsen

CEO, Nickelsen Partners LLC

Clients of Nickelsen Partners increase their profits by implementing better business practices, executing good processes more consistently and developing stronger business skills throughout the dealership. In partnership with vAuto, Nickelsen Partners has helped many clients double their used vehicle sales in just a few months. NP has also helped clients substantially increase new vehicle sales, service department gross profit and overall dealership profitability. Visit the NP website to request a used car mini-assessment or simply to learn more about the company and their clients.

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