Insight Beats Intuition

New car dealers make decisions with their gut. Conquest dealers make smart decisions with data. Franchise dealerships invest millions in their new vehicle inventories. But the investments generate ever-smaller returns, in part because dealers rely on guesses and gut feel when they price and stock inventory. Today’s hyper-competitive new car market calls for a higher order of more efficient, investment-focused inventory management, where intuition gives way to market insight that yields far better returns.

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  • Not making enough money
  • The constant overload of inventory
  • Chasing factory bonus money
  • A quiet showroom
Conquest™ helps you use insights to sell more.

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Product Details

  • Incentives

    Conquest helps you eliminate the time-consuming complexity of managing factory incentives and rebates, and turns them into a competitive advantage. With automatic updates, Conquest ensures your new vehicle prices accurately account for the latest factory offers, giving you an edge over dealers who regard incentive and rebate management as a never-ending hassle. Watch how >

  • Turn

    Conquest helps you make the turn-and-earn nature of today’s new car business an operational priority that elevates profitability and sales across your dealership. A fast-turn-focused new vehicle department means more new vehicle sales, more F&I income, more factory bonus money, more quality trades, and more happy future service customers. Watch how >

  • Dealer Trades

    Most $30,000 decisions in life take longer than two minutes to make. But that’s the timeline for most dealer trades — a key reason nearly 20 percent of aged new vehicle inventory comes from trades. Conquest helps you assess current market supply and demand for any vehicle and combination. With this granular insight, dealer trades help optimize your inventory at your competitors’ expense. Watch how >

    Dealer Trades
  • Merchandising

    Today’s customers often know what equipment and features they want in a new vehicle. But what if you’ve got the car, but the online listing doesn’t accurately describe or show it? Conquest eliminates this all-too-common disconnect, and helps you ensure every new vehicle listing contains the depth and detail it deserves and buyers expect. Watch how >

  • Pricing

    It’s an old saying that remains true: “Your vehicle isn’t for sale if it isn’t priced right.” Today’s customers know where new vehicles should be priced, and dealers too often don’t pay attention. Conquest solves the problem. It helps you ensure every new vehicle is priced right, for you and your customers. Watch how >


Exclusive Features

  • Live Market View

    See what’s happening in your market — every car, every second, everywhere.

  • In-depth Market Data

    Conquest offers real-time data on every car in your market — any make, any model, anytime.

  • No Contract Required

    vAuto earns your loyalty by delivering exceptional value every day.

  • Performance Management

    Work with a dedicated industry expert to execute an inventory strategy that sets you up for success.

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