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Stock the cars your customers are looking for and sell them faster with total visibility into live customer demand.


Know exactly what to pay to make a profit with real-time pricing information on identical cars in your market.


Competitively price every used vehicle on your lot — without sacrificing profits.


Drive more web traffic and bring more customers to your showroom with more compelling, accurate and complete listings.


Quickly find the right inventory for credit-challenged buyers, so you’ll always have the car you need to close the sale.


Find your wholesale holding inventory, send new vehicles to auction and track their progress — all in one place.


Centralize appraising and allocate inventory across all rooftops to increase profitability in every store.

See the difference iRecon makes.

Every hour a vehicle sits in reconditioning is an hour you’re paying holding costs and losing out on profits. Multiple cars stalled in your process means even more hits to your bottom line.

Only Stockwave gives you the most complete dataset available.

Without ALL the information, unknowns can kill your profits. The additional data you get with Stockwave is information you can’t get anywhere else — it gives you the full picture of each vehicle so you know if it’s the right investment for your dealership.

See what your inventory challenges are costing you

New Car Challenges

Used Car Challenges

Auction Buying Challenges

Find out how Stockwave’s smart stream helps you make the right decisions at auction every time. Learn more >

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Conquest: New car inventory management, pricing and merchandising software

Provision®: Used car inventory management and pricing software

Stockwave: Wholesale vehicle sourcing software

iRecon: Reconditioning management software

Every 2.5 days of time to sale saved, for all your vehicles, is the same to your bottom line as adding an additional inventory turn.

It’s like adding a 13th month of profitability to your calendar year, simply by doing what you’re already doing more efficiently.

Get a 37% increase in efficiency — an extra month of profits — by improving the efficacy of your dealership’s reconditioning methods with iRecon.

See why we continue to earn our client’s business every month

Exclusive Features

No Prior vAuto Purchase Required

Anyone is eligible to use Stockwave whether you’re a Provision customer or not.

No Contract Required

As with all vAuto products, Stockwave will earn your loyalty by delivering exceptional value every day.

Performance Consultant

Work one-on-one with a dedicated partner to execute a wholesale strategy that sets you up for success.